Mallu Anthem

I yam a malayalee,
I ware a ping lungee
I yam a card holding member,
Of the Marxist partee (Laal Salaahm)
I yam a malayalee
Gad knos,
Gad knos I yam a malayalee
I gohn to the gelf,
I gohn to the gelf fohr a lohng time
To get, a big faht sahlary
Oh I miss my fahmileey
Hoo cares, I making lohts of moneey
Its grate but I take brahndy
Wile ohl the athers lyike to dring skohtch wiskeey
My chappals aar baata and you can coll me chetaa (Chetaa)
I yam vary sexee
And I Lyike my kohfee (Chetaa)
Yes I yam malayalee (Chetaa)
(Chetta alla cheta)
Wen I was in therd standard I was send to engleesh meedium
To learn the briteesh lahnguage
C.A.T cat, B.A.G bayg A fohr aaple and ohl that
With grate difficulty I passed and wend ohn to plus too
How I goht thru I dohnt kno
And then I wend to cohllege
Since I was second got to soo-ology
Athuru kazhinetturu MBA
Then I got ohfer to go kuweit
To work for a presteejias cumbany
Two months and I wahnted one smalleh
Thaught dringing nayanteenayan goht picked up be pohlice
Now I yam in the jeyil
I yam vary alone vary scared
If sumbady listen please help me
But lyif stil gohs on
I cant get used to living widhout living widhout living widhout
My mahruthee, I goht it as my dawree
How, Gad knows, It cayme wid one year wahranteeSo baby cahnt u see (Seeladichada)
I lyik my kappa meen curree
I yam a malayalee
Cyan you see my ping lungee
I yam I yam I yam a malayalee

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